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We don’t have a one size fits all approach. Whether you are a start-up business needing your first accounting package or a large multinational who needs to scale up your ERP capabilities, we have the products and services to suit your needs, all backed up by knowledgeable and local support experts who can help you to make the most of Going Beyond the Product. Whether you operate in manufacturing, production, distribution or business services, we will help you choose the most appropriate ERP and/or CRM solution.

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Going Beyond The Product

Our aim is to extract the most value from your enterprise software. To achieve this objective we have enriched our software product portfolio with our own products and those of our third-party partners’ products to fit specific markets. Our solutions are designed for the following industries and their unique business requirements:

Supply Chain Management

Our customers in the Wholesale & Distribution industry require solutions that facilitate the data interchange between their enterprise software and their warehouse management & delivery business partners (to whom our clients outsource the latter functions).

Make-To-Order Job Manufacturing

These companies fabricate or ‘refurbish’ to order and need to work with dynamic BOMs, and require accurate job estimation as well as fast turn-around of quotations. Job workflow control and tracking is also critical.

Business-2-Business & EDI

This is any industry where the client requires a data interchange between their enterprise software and a third-party system (in-house or remotely located). Examples range from companies that have website portals processing product orders that must be ‘imported’ to their enterprise systems, to companies having an inhouse system such as a ‘billing’ system whose invoices must be imported into the enterprise accounting system. A typical example: a supplier to Pick-Pay must comply by sending orders & invoices via EDI.

Multi-Company Corporates Operating In Africa

Large corporates with branches or autonomous business entities operating in African countries, often require systems offering either processing on a centralised solution located at the head-office or syncing of the accounting data from the local ERP system to the head-office for consolidated reporting. Connectivity issues often hinder the operations of the business, however our multi-company solutions mitigate this risk.

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