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Our Service Offering

Service That Goes Beyond The Product



UniSource was founded in 1988 with vision of serving as source of consulting expertise ready to share our knowledge of Business Management Solutions. We aim to build solid relationships with our customers based on trust and a consistent level of service reliability. By partnering with other leading software vendors each being a specialist in their own industry (workflow, business intelligence, warehouse management and more) we strive to create a holistic solution and a single point of reference for all your enterprise management software. UniSource provides a broad range of professional services for ERP and CRM solutions, more specifically the Sage family of solutions.

Our Value Offering

Our services range from consulting in scoping your unique business processes, determining the best-fit software solution to project implementation, including training and post-project SLA(s) for ongoing support and operations staff recruitment. We provide the expertise to assist you in selecting the ERP solution that will add the most value to your business. Our pledge to you is our refusal to allow you to be constrained by the product limitations and we go beyond the product by offering add-on modular solutions (developed but mostly tweaked) to fit your way of doing business.

Consulting & Gap Analysis

Our consultants all have extensive industry knowledge, and use this to analyse your current solution and requirements whenever designing a solution. This ensures that solutions deployed by UniSource Software Services are adapted to suit your specific and unique requirements.

Software Development

Our software development competency allows us to truly live-up to our promise to “Go Beyond The Product”. As an approved Sage 3rd Party Developer, we seek to go beyond the product by offering add-on modular solutions that allow you to benefit from the added value derived in your business.

Service Level Agreements

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that ensure continual solution support – ensuring the business runs smoothly and effectively without interrupts. With a full helpdesk and dedicated team of consultants, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. We offer custom turn-around times, a dedicated number of hours monthly, report writing services and more with our SLAs.

Certified Training

We are a Certified Sage Training Centre which gives you the peace of mind that your users will be trained effectively and efficiently on the solutions deployed by UniSource Software Services. Our trainers have real-world experience that enable them to connect with your users and explain problems with real-world examples.

Project Management

All projects we undertake are assigned a project management team that oversees the project and ensures the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Implementation Methodology

All of our projects follow an implementation methodology that ensures the solution provided works for your business. From needs analysis and scoping, through to solution training and on-going support, our implementation methodology will ensure a hassle-free experience for you and your business.

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